Corporate Overview

We are one of the leading private airport operators in the world, currently operating 53 airports in 6 countries across Latin America and Europe (Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay, Ecuador, Armenia and Italy). In 2023, our airports served 81.1 million passengers, only 3.6% lower than the 84.2 million served prior to the pandemic, in 2019, of which approximately 35% were international, 56% were domestic and 9% were transit passengers. The airports we operate are located in countries with compelling macro-economic trends and in key cities within those countries.

From our beginnings in 1998 when we acquired the concession rights to operate 33 airports in Argentina, we have expanded geographically and currently operate 53 airports globally; in Latin America, our largest market, as well as in Europe and Eurasia. We operate some of the largest and most important airports in the countries where we are present; including large international airports, such as Ezeiza Airport in Argentina, domestic airports, such as Brasilia Airport in Brazil, airports in tourist destinations, such as Galapagos Ecological Airport in Ecuador and Florence Airport in Italy, as well as mid-sized domestic airports. We acquired most of our airport concessions through a public tender process and we, generally, improved the infrastructure significantly through large capital investments.

We derive revenue from aeronautical and commercial services. The key driver of revenue is passenger traffic, as increased passenger traffic allows us to generate both aeronautical and commercial revenue. We derive the majority of our revenue from fees charged to departing passengers and landing and parking fees charged to aircraft operators for the use of our premises and for certain aeronautical services. We also earn revenue from commercial services, including warehouse usage, duty free, retail and food and beverage shops, advertising and parking fees.

We have created a global platform with operational expertise and resources to support our organic growth plan and our global expansion strategy.

Successful Track Record of Acquiring and Developing Airports

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